Volkslift  International  (Phils),  Inc. is the sole distributor of  Volkslift elevators,  escalators,  and moving walkways in the Philippines. They take pride in their competencies, acquired from superior engineering skills and technologies in Germany.


Volkslift is now recognized internationally, with its products and services available in global markets. It still follows German virtues and standards of quality.


Sister Company of Schindler, one of the largest elevator suppliers worldwide.

From the left: Engr. Dirk Wetzig of TUV Rheinland; Mr. Francois Fernandez, VP Overseas Sales of Volkslift Elevator (China) Co., Ltd., Mr. Jack Uy, Chairman and CEO of Volkslift International (Phils), Inc; Mr. Li Xiao Lin, Chairman of Volkslift Elevator (China( Co., Ltd.


Passenger Elevators


VOLKSLIFT passenger elevators start in design, development and technology. Our engineers excavated deeply the possibilities of safety, efficiency and comfort to create outstanding products and technical solutions. All our efforts have the only purpose to satisfy our valued customers and passengers, and give them the best impression and valuable joy.

Commercial/Hotel Elevators


VOLKSLIFT provides superior passenger elevators for Commercial and Hotel Buildings which meet the high requirements of business environments:

  1. 1. Generous by higher cabin and wider doo1rs.
  2. 2. Elegant with a fine choice of interior designs.
  3. 3. Comfortable due to advanced layout and components.
  4. 4. Effective by outstanding multiple elevator control features.

Home Elevators


VOLKSLIFT home elevators have been specially designed for private family users. The living space is enhanced and the invaluable benefit of simple bridging of living spaces is provided. The individual benefits are various and also depend from different personal circumstances. Personal comfort, carrying goods and travel bags, pregnancy, illness, afflictions of elder persons and their safety.

Panorama Elevators


Sometimes, beautiful appearance is beyond imagination. The transparent car of the VOLKSLIFT panorama elevators let you find the beauty of a city with a casual glance.


High quality material and perfect car design.

  1. 1. Car wall materials with laminated high safety glass.
  2. 2. The lamination at once provides radiation protection.
  3. 3. Effective sound insulation.
  4. 4. Large-area glass car walls creates unique perspectives.
  5. 5. The design with smooth lines unfolds its beauty during the  drive in the elevator.

Bed Elevators


VOLKSLIFT VB-Series bed elevators meets highest requirements of modern hospitals and care institutions. Years of experience are reflected in comfort, accessibility, reliability and durability.


Enjoy peace of mind, to create equal and unhampered space.


  • Special COP for disabled: Installing horizontal button panel in the car, stamping braille on the button, so as to be accessible for the disabled.

Car Elevators


VOLKSLIFT car elevators of VHC-Series are designed with generous measures.


The sufficiently big cabin and wide door opening make loading and unloading easier for the driver.


Our car elevators help to solve the parking problems in steadily growing urbanizations with their lack of available space.

Freight Elevators


VOLKSLIFT VH series freight lift can cope with various severe environments and has become an ideal choice for factories, warehouses, malls, real estate centers and other places with its high sense of carrying responsibility and powerful carrying capacity.

Dumbwaiter Elevators


VW-Series of VOLKSLIFT product range are the ideal dumbwaiter elevators and specially provide rapid, convenient and economic vertical transport  means of diets, beverages, dinnerware, money, files, books and so on. Dumbwaiter elevators are widely used in hotels, libraries, laboratories, office buildings, banks and other places.


3 Types:

  • Table Type
  • Window Type
  • Ground Type



VOLKSLIFT is focused on perfect solutions to the urban traffic. With cutting-edge technologies, innovative functions and outstanding design philosophy. VOLKSLIFT escalators are the perfect solution to the transport in shopping malls, hotels, airports, public places, bridges and many more.


We improve our advanced manufacturing technologies and quality assurance (QA) systems in an ongoing process to assure the best safety, reliability and life expectancy.

Moving Walkways


Moving walkways became an essential part of public transportation in ample train stations, airports and shopping malls. Whenever people carry bags, baggage or trolleys, sloped moving walkways provide the highest traffic throughput and safest way.


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