Our Story

Savers  Group  of  Companies  started  as  a  video  rental  and  retail  store in  1983.     Young entrepreneur Jaime “Jack” Uy, who was fond of films, saw a business opportunity and opened Jack’s Video World.

As evidenced by its success, Jack’s Video World satisfied untapped customer demand for movies recorded in Betamax and VHS tapes. It is in this business venture that Jack Uy saw the market for consumer electronics.

The unprecedented number of customers asking for televisions and similar accessories pushed him to change his services from video rental to the retailing  of appliances. Thus, in 1986, the first Savers Mart opened.

From there, Savers grew and expanded  into different industries:

As the pioneer in several industries,  Savers   Group of  Companies spearheaded development in Pampanga  after the  Pinatubo  eruption devastated the province. With its accumulated experience and expertise, Savers has secured a position above its competition and remains poised for further growth.


Savers Group is customer-centric and is thus committed to providing excellent service. With customers and clients as  its priority,  the company is able to address the needs of its consumers effectively and efficiently.

In order to serve its clients better, the company leverages and integrates the latest advancements in technology into their products and services.

Savers Group also aims to provide total solutions, end-to- end building, and business products for hassle-free business transactions.

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