Company Background

Savers Group of Companies is one of the top industry players in the country. Starting as Savers General Merchandising Inc., the company eventually spun off into distinct companies.

These companies are formidable competitors in their respective markets.

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Our Vision

Tou00a0u00a0 beu00a0u00a0 au00a0 conglomerateu00a0 committedu00a0 tou00a0 improvingu00a0 theu00a0 livesu00a0u00a0 ofu00a0 ouru00a0 customersu00a0u00a0 andu00a0 promotingu00a0 the developmentu00a0 ofu00a0 theu00a0 country,u00a0 by offeringu00a0 completeu00a0 linesu00a0 ofu00a0 productsu00a0 andu00a0 servicesu00a0 in varied industries and focusing on customer satisfaction.

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